Loan Modification

You don’t need to worry anymore about foreclosure in Westchester County, NY.  There are many, many alternatives that you can take advantage of–if you hurry.   I have been trained to provide assistance to many homeowners that have distressed properties, are behind on their payments, or are having financial difficulties.

Did you know with all the bailouts, banks are motivated to make a deal? Did you know that you can get your payments caught up no matter who your lender is in Westchester,  County.   Countrywide, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and many other lenders have been given huge sums of money for you to be able to get your share of the bailout.   You can actually:

  • Have all your payments get caught up.
  • End Foreclosure in Westchester County, NY
  • Stop the harassing phone calls.
  • Have peace of mind and a payment you can afford.
  • Not a ‘quick-sale’
  • Not a refinance.
  • You keep the title to the property and deed.

Now, there are no guarantees with anything, but this service can possibly help you get out from under your financial mess.   Call Anthony Crecco at Crecco Real Estate at: 914-449-6547