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Westchester County Strategic Default

Interesting research from PEW Local Trends that goes into great detail about Strategic Defaults.. What will be surprising to many is the dramatic increase in the number of homeowners willing to walk away from their underwater home. Just 3 years ago when we started reporting on this phenomena similar studies were done that resulted in…

Short Sale Myths in Westchester County NY

Short Sale Myths A short sale can be an excellent solution for homeowners who must sell and owe more on their homes than they are worth. Unfortunately, a number of myths about short sales have developed, and it is important to understand the reality of this process should you find it meets your current needs….

Loan Distress!!

Watch This For Financial Distress Information

Obama Cracks Down On Loan Mods!!!!

Foreclosures HALT Economic Recovery!!!

More than two years year after the housing market tanked and the foreclosure rate began rising, the ongoing wave of distressed home sales is weighing on house prices and crimping a long-awaited economic recover On Wednesday, President Obama signed off on the government’s latest response to the crisis, a whittled-down bill aimed at helping millions…

Loan mod: Go it alone?

Last week, I went over the steps involved in getting a loan modified. This article examines which, if any of these steps, may require a borrower to seek help. Read More>>>

Your Payments are Late!| Will a Loan Modification Save Your Home??

source: realty times This article has some good information on helping you understand the new Obama Loan Mod. program. It has useful information The Treasury Department recently released its Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines (part of its Making Home Affordable initiative), which include eligibility requirements to determine which homeowners qualify for relief under the plan….

A Loan Modification Could be Your Best Bet to Avoiding Foreclosure!

As a realtor in Westchester County, NY, one of my most frequent requests is from distressed homeowners wanting to know if it is possible to modify their mortgage. These homeowners are usually everyday people, now holding distressed property because their adjustable rate mortgages have ballooned beyond their expectations. This of course has led them to…

Westchester County market Update Week of April 27, 2009

Find Out What you need to know about The New Loan Modification Plan from Obama

At the heart of the President Barack Obama’s ambitious plan to rescue the housing market is the conviction that restructuring distressed mortgages will keep struggling borrowers in their homes and help insert a floor beneath plummeting property values. With $75 billion dedicated to reworking troubled loans , that’s a big bet-especially considering that a top…

A Short Sale May not be the End of The Ordeal!!!

you may think that after negotiating a short sale with the bank, that its over. Well according to a recent Wall Street Journal article this may not be true. Get all your information correct and clear from your Real Estate Agent handling your Short Sale.

The State of the Economy|Dont panic

The current state of the economy is probably the worse economic slowdown that most of us have experienced. It’s scary. It seems like there is no end to the bad news and the value of assets (stocks and real estate) will never stop falling. Most investment advisors we speak with continue to believe that the…

Facing Foreclosure? Modify Your Loan! Alternatives to Foreclosure in Westchester County, NY

You’ve probably been hearing an awful lot about loan modifications. It seems like in this economic climate, the subject is popping up everywhere. Though I’m based in Westchester County, NY, helping distressed homeowners wade through the climate of the current recession is what I do. Though my area sweeps Rochelle to Portchester and a hundred…