5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Westchester County Business Website with WordPress.org

You need a business website to market your products and services, but you don’t have the money to invest in an ad agency to help you build and maintain a website from scratch. What can you do?

Simple! WordPress.org provides the perfect solution to creating a low cost, easily maintained website. Take a look at the 5 reasons listed below why you should consider using WordPress.org to build your business website.

1. It’s Free.

Yes, I said ‘free’. You can download WordPress.org, upload it to your third party hosting account through a provider such as BlueHost.com or GoDaddy.com (these sites do charge a fee to store your data), and you’re ready to go! It couldn’t be easier or cheaper to have your own web presence!

2. Creating a Unique Design Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune.

There are many free WordPress themes available to help you give your business website a more unique look. Follow the link to find a list of popular sites for free WordPress themes.

However, if you want your site to look more customized, there are a number of premium WordPress themes available from graphic designers, blog developers, and so on, which you can download for a fee (typically around $50-$80) and then customize yourself or with the help of a WordPress designer. Follow the link to find reputable sites for premium WordPress themes and a list of recommended premium WordPress themes for business websites.

If you need your website to look 100% unique, you can hire a WordPress designer to create a custom WordPress theme for you. This investment could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the designer you work with and the functionality you want included in your site. Follow the link to find information about how to find a freelance designer.

3. Even the Technically Illiterate Can Maintain a Website Created with WordPress.org.

The best part about WordPress is that it’s so easy to use. Entering and updating content is easy through the simple drag and drop menus and what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface. Pick up a copy of WordPress for Dummies, and you’ll have all the knowledge you need to update and maintain your website without paying a designer or developer to help you.

4. You can Add a Blog and Boost Your Search Traffic, Incoming Links, and More!

Search engines love blogs! The reason is simple — with each new blog post you publish, search engines have another entry point to find your site. If you write with keywords in mind, network with other bloggers and social web participants, and produce great content, then your blog is likely to receive a lot of incoming links, which can lead to even more traffic. All of that exposure is likely to add to more business for you. Follow the link to learn more about the benefits of business blogging.

5. There is a Wealth of Online Support Available to Help When You Have Questions or Problems with Your Site.

The WordPress community is very active online. There are blogs dedicated to helping people use WordPress, forums for asking questions, and much more. Start poking around online, doing some searches of your own to find WordPress help, and you’ll be amazed at the people you’ll find who will be more than happy to help you.

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